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The Home of Artisan Chilli Sauces


The Nash Sauce flavour range has something for everyone from sensible to sadistic. Cooked in small batches in the garden of England with the freshest ingredients we can muster.

However hot you like your chilli sauce, we think you deserve something top-notch. That's why we make premium small-batch chilli sauces across a whole range of heat levels.


Intense flavour combinations, some of which quite literally make your eyes water. If you’re looking to upgrade your taste, don’t forget to #splashthenash!

What people are saying about The Nash Sauce Company's flavour range...

"Burnt Pineapple ...genuinely the best sauce we've tasted in recent times, and we've tasted quite a few..."

"Perfectly balances flavour and heat. I use this with everything from sausage and mash to home made curry."

- Amy Holmes, Faversham


"I had the Red Smoke at a bbq recently and was a great addition to my plate, little extra twang, great flavours and fresher than anything else I’ve tried."

- Andrew Pearson, London

"Love these! Perfect on a fried egg - I choose which one to use depending on how big of a kick I need!"

- Alicja Artwik, London

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