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Why we started, and what we're about

Hello, I’m Tom, founder of The Nash Sauce Company.

Welcome to The Nash Sauce Company website.

I started making my own sauce in around 2005, firstly for myself, then for family and friends, then one fine day in 2021 I was asked to cook & bottle a batch of my Scotch Bonnet, Mango & Thyme sauce to help fill a table-top at a charity sale in South London... and promptly sold the lot!

One thing led to another, and here we both are!


Our flavour philosophy

"Hot, but not just hot".

That's the mantra for all of our sauces. Whatever heat level you're after, we have a sauce that suits. 

Small-Batch Production


This is sauce from the source. Cooked, bottled, and shipped from a magic workshop in leafy Kent.

Smatch-batch cooking is about fresh ingredients, traditional methods, and a real passion for flavour innovation.

Big sauce companies cold-bottle their sauces. Bottles are sterilised and allowed to cool, that gives time and space for bacteria and other nasties to settle and take hold - big sauce companies get round this by adding artificial preservatives to their sauces.

We don't do that. We're proud hot-bottlers, and intend to remain so.

Because we stuff our piping hot sauces into hot bottles straight from sterilising, there's no time for nasties, and no need us to add artificial preservatives.

Natural, and fresh - that's The Nash Sauce Company way.

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