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Tom's Blog vol.1

Easter weekend in Folkestone Harbour! A sunny and warm day on the south coast.

It's the second weekend of the trading season, I'm here in hut 33, selling my original recipe small-batch chilli sauces to locals and tourists alike.

We've got the 250ml Red Smoke bottles, and all five other flavours in the 150ml bottles.

I've been multi-tasking for a couple of weeks now, painting and decorating the Hut in Folkestone Harbour Marketplace, making signs, cooking small batches of chilli sauces to get a good level of stock in the shop. It's been hard work, but worth it to watch people try the chilli sauces and pick a favourite!

After a cold and wet few months, it's great to finally see some sun, and in Kent sun means BBQ season! All of my original recipe chilli sauces are made in small batches, and all pairv very well with food from the bbq grill - red smoke with sausages or burgers, Burnt Pineapple and Scotch Mango for vegetable skewers or chicken wings. Peach Naga marinades fish really well, and I've seen chilli-heads put Naked Naga on anything and everything!

Looking ahead we've got some big events coming up, some we've been to before, some are new to us. Portsmouth Cheese & Chilli festival is up soon, and I'll be doing plenty of small-batch chilli sauce cooking beofre that to make sure we've got plenty to sell.

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