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Tom's Blog vol.2

Hello again! Anoitgher weekend of mixed weather blsessings...

Friday evening's Night Market in Margate was an almost complete wash-out, but Folkestone on Saturday ismuch better so far - but of course they've cxlosed the M20 so not many people moving aorund Kent this weekend..!

Still, I'm here in the Marketplace Hut, plenty of people coming in and trying our handmade hot sauces. As usual but by no means always, the best sellers are seeming to be the milder flavours, Red Smoke and Burnt Pineapple proving a hit - but always in second of third place is Naked Naga - the hottest! I believe that a lot of the hottest chilli sauce buyers are buying as a gift for some chill-head they know (or trying to shut up an annoying guy in the office or something like that...) still, a sale is a sale!

Good news though, I am again aided in my quest to #splashthenash by my old Vw T25 van, which is back from the garage and in rude health. What an amazing machine! I call it Heinz, due to the fact we cruise at 57mph on the motorways.

Old VW's have a lot of character, and I defy anyone to show me a cooler work van!

Festival season is really less than a month away, so I'll need to keep cooking up the small batch chilli sauce all through the week days until May.


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